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Free Website Audit

How good is your website? I suspect that you read that question as a rhetorical one. If you did not, and you mentally answered the question, did you do so using data, or do you just have a sense that your website is good or bad?

The thing is, while the quality of a website certainly does have some qualitative aspects, many are quantitative. It isn’t a question of what you think; it is what the data reveals. How is the user experience on your website? Is the site designed for conversion? What about Search Engine Optimization and online visibility? How fast is your site? Is the security up to industry standards?

Spring Insight uses a customized auditing tool (that utilizes both manual and automated checkers) to review all of these aspects of your website carefully. The final product is a comprehensive audit of what your site is doing well and what areas for improvement exist.

We will schedule time with you to review your site’s audit and focus on how you can resolve the issues identified. Others charge as much as $500 for this service. But, we give it away. Why? Sure, it is because we want to sell you a new site, but even if we don’t, we want to give you the tools you need to know what makes a great site great.