Hairstylist in purple shirt standing behind client with tools swirling above

How Subject Matter Experts Sprinkle Their Magic on Top

Years and years ago, a friend of mine, who is a New Yorker, managed to secure a hair appointment with a highly regarded, famous hairdresser. Who the actual stylist was and how she finagled her way onto his schedule are details lost to time but suffice it to say, he was on the level of Vidal Sassoon. His notoriety spanned outside of the hair zeitgeist because of his celebrity status. Everyone knew him, everyone wanted to sit in his chair, and few people ever had the privilege. It was a major score for my friend and she was, understandably, very excited about her appointment. 

She got to the salon excited as she could be, had her hair washed by one of the salon techs, as is standard practice, and was led to take a seat in the highly sought after chair. This is where things started to go in an unanticipated direction. Another hairdresser, one that was definitely not the “hairdresser to the stars” approached and started cutting her hair. Split ends and an initial “shaping” cut were all taken care of with no sign from our celebrity hero. 

Just as my friend was starting to get concerned she wouldn’t see Vidal (or whoever it was), seemingly out of nowhere, the star made his entrance, swooping in behind her head at the very last minute to perform a few artistic touches right at the end. He spent just five minutes working on her hair but my friend said that those five minutes made all the difference in how her hair cut turned out. The change from before he touched it to after he worked his magic was noticeable, game changing, and pivotal to the experience and the outcome.

Subject Matter Experts are Like the Hairdresser to the Stars

A great many of our clients at Spring Insight are subject matter experts. The CPAs, attorneys, financial advisors, accountants, and nonprofit leaders we work with have a depth of experience and knowledge that separate and distinguish them in their respective fields. Just like a Vidal Sasson level stylist, the thing that subject matter experts bring to their clients’ tables makes all the difference to the experience and the outcome. 

But just like our stylist from the story, they don’t do it alone. Subject matter experts assemble a team that supports the goals, objectives, marketing strategy, and service delivery of their business. 

Assembling a Team that Allows You to Shine

As a subject matter expert, you need to get really intentional about who and how your business gets the support it needs to serve your clients, sustain over the long term, and grow to its full potential.

One of the ways you can go about this is to ask yourself a couple of questions that are really centered around processes and delegation. Those questions are:

  • What can only you do?
  • What can your team do?

The idea is that you delegate, engage, or hire out those processes and tasks that someone else can do so that you can focus on the things that only you can do. Your expertise will shine more brightly when you are not bogged down doing things other people can do for you and in the end, you, your business, and your clients all win.

We are the marketing team for our subject matter expert clients. They recognize that their time is better spent engaging in the things that only they can bring to the table and they leave the marketing strategy to us. 

But we don’t do it alone, either.

We regularly meet with our clients to talk about what’s happening in their businesses, their lives, their industry, and with their clients. They provide us stories and anecdotes and perspectives that are uniquely theirs and we incorporate those golden nuggets into the content and strategy we create for them.

Just like our hairdresser to the stars, the magic they sprinkle on top of our work together makes all the difference. 

Are you a subject matter expert that is ready to shine? Spring Insight can help! Contact us today to let us take care of the marketing strategy so you can focus more on what only you can do.