KBS CFO - Case Study

Project Summary

Industry: Professional Services

Spring Insight Services: Branding & Website Creation

Year Launched: 2021

Location: Montgomery County, Maryland

URL: www.kbscfo.com

Services provided:

  • Web strategy
  • Branding
  • Web design
  • Web development
A suite of digital devices including a smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop monitor displaying the same business-oriented content about virtual cfo services from kbs cfo, showcasing the company's focus on supporting client businesses with financial and sustainability solutions.
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One of the challenges I have faced in my business is that the work we are doing was relatively misunderstood by the marketplace and our peers and so finding a good fit to delegate the marketing services has been a challenge from day 1 until December 2019.  In December 2019 I started working with Spring Insight and after many years finally found a marketing partner that 'got' KBS CFO.  Not only did Spring Insight come to KBS CFO with a lot of creative and proactive ideas, but, they also worked hard to understand the work we do, learn about the Virtual CFO and Client Advisory and Accounting Services so that they could ensure they were effectively communicating with our potential clients.  They are flexible, yet disciplined in their delivery of services.  I recommend them highly and would be glad to provide additional information for those that are interested in learning more."

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KBS CFO was using Spring Insight as a marketing provider when we decided, as a team, that it was time to redo the website. The organization’s website felt a bit dated and no longer reflected the kind of work KBS CFO was doing. Not only was the look dated, but the content was stuck in the past. The new KBS CFO was working with new and interesting clients (such as distilleries) and offering more comprehensive services. Finally, the organization’s logo was not easily readable.

The Spring Insight Project

Spring Insight worked with KBS CFO to recreate a logo that was fresh, legible, and represented where the organization was and where it was headed. The new site Spring Insight built was clean, organized and visually attractive. The site is organized to allow for easy navigation and an organized user experience. Created with an eye to bold calls to action, the new KBS CFO is both very appealing and strategic.

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