MidLantic Financial Services - Case Study

Project Summary

Industry: Professional Services

Spring Insight Services: Branding, Website creation

Year Launched: 2023

Location: Eldersburg, MD, USA

URL: midlanticfs.com

Services provided:

  • Logo Development
  • Web Strategy
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
Various devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop, and monitor) displaying the same business website with a blue-themed design and text about importance in service delivery. This setup illustrates the cohesive approach in website development
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“When I hired Spring Insight to redesign our website, the bar was quite low. Our website at the time was quite dated, it no longer accurately described the work we were doing, and bluntly, it didn't even work properly. We are so pleased with the website we created with the help of Spring Insight. The site reflects not only the professional and meticulous work we provide but also reflects our personality. Our site is 100% professional, while also retaining our sense of fun (such as introducing our "four-legged team" of office dogs.) We are so excited about our new website and value Spring Insight as a partner."

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Cindy Pehl
Principal - Regulatory/Risk Specialist

A small black and white dog sitting at an office desk in front of a keyboard, with a computer screen displaying the logo of Midlantic Financial Inc. beside an open tab for website development.


MidLantic Financial Services website was in bad shape when Spring Insight started. Not only was it hopelessly out of date but it wasn’t fully functional, particularly in terms of user experience (UX). There was content promoting work that MidLantic no longer provided and the site simply looked rather decrepit. The site contained very little content about the services it provided or what made the MidLantic team special. 

In addition to the site, the organizational branding was also dated and ready for a refresh. The current site management wanted to remain loyal to the late organizational founder by retaining the same color palette within the site branding and design.


The Spring Insight Project

Because so little existed at the time the new MidLantic website was created, this project was almost like creating a new website from scratch. The Spring Insight team worked with MidLantic to create branding assets (including logo design) that retained the same colors but was modern and attractive. Our website development focused on ensuring a user experience that is clean and professional, as makes sense for a financial services organization, while displaying a bit of whimsy. The team has a pet friendly office and the dogs are members of the team. To help convey MidLantic’s personality, the site displays pictures of the organization’s “four legged team” as well as its two legged one.

The resulting website provides extensive information about the services the team provides as well as why they are so good at what they do (their extensive experience and knowledge of industry regulations and desire to provide excellent service for every client).  The Spring Insight team was proud to create an attractive and easy to use website that lives up to the excellence MidLantic exhibits in its own work.

Multiple devices including a smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop computer displaying the same business website with a blue and white interface, developed for seamless user experience across platforms.