5 ways to kick your exhausted brain in gear

coffeeLet me state for the record that I am really tired today. I had the kind of weekend this past weekend where I need a weekend after the weekend to recover. I won’t complain because it was all fun and I wouldn’t trade it but seriously, I am exhausted and having a really hard time engaging in work. So, this list is created by me for me to get myself engaged this Monday.


  1. Shower. Yes, this works better for those of us that work at home but sometimes taking a shower (even a second shower) is just what you need to get you motivated.
  2. List your long term goals on paper. You need to engage for a reason, probably because you want to get somewhere and do do something… meaning you have goals.  You are exhausted but remember, you are doing this for a reason, time to remember why.
  3. Do something active.  Have a few minutes?  Walk around the block.  Don’t? Just do some jumping jacks. Get your blood flowing.
  4. Caffeine.  Enough said.
  5. When all else fails… lean into the procrastination.  Don’t do dribbles and drabbles of procrastination where you visit one website then another then another.  If you are not feeling it then step away from your computer and watch an episode of something on your iPad Netflix account, go do an errand, walk your dog etc.  Don’t just fritter the time sitting at your desk but set it aside from productivity in a meaningful way.  That way, when you are back, you are back.

Image from Flickr user Peter Barr-Watson through Creative Commons.