Back of a yellow school bus

Four Supplies to Pack in Your Business “Backpack”

It’s that time of year again. Parents all over the United States have a certain spring in their step and are turning their thoughts towards carpools, school uniforms, sports registrations and new school supplies. After you finish searching the aisles of your local office supply store for just the right brand of notebook, take a…

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Sunglasses resting on a stack of books with a tropical beach in the background

Our Summer Reading List

It’s summer! Every year I like to provide a summer reading list for you, my loyal reader. I thought I would mix it up this year and ask the women who form the Spring Insight marketing team to share with me a notable read – either that they’ve read or that they plan to – and…

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On Following Up and Working December

December is a weird month for small business owners. I have been known to describe it as the Month of Fridays. But this year, I’m declaring December the Month of Following Up. I am all about finishing 2016 strong and hitting the ground running in January. And judging from the number of emails I’ve gotten…

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Thankful for Online Tools

During this month of thankfulness, let us start by being thankful for the point in history where we find ourselves. Take a nostalgic walk with me back in time for a moment to the 1990’s when the very first websites were created. Back then, if you wanted to build a website (which was little more…

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New Year’s Resolutions: Solutions

How are your New Year’s Resolutions going? Mock these annual promises we make with ourselves as you wish; 45% of Americans usually make them. Sadly, we aren’t great at keeping them. After the first week, 15% of us will have dropped off. (I tend to be in that group so if you are still solid on…

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Tools I love: Canva

Last week’s post on net neutrality was quite the conversation piece. Many people shared the post on Facebook and Twitter, and the version that went up on Huffington Post launched a lively debate on the pros and cons of this important policy issue. What nearly upstaged the debate, though, were the nifty infographics that went…

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Tools I love – Skitch

In my day to day travels I am asked all the time about tools that I use both to manage my own web presence and that of my clients. Since I tell people all the time to use the questions you receive to guide your blog writing, it seemed a good time to introduce a…

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