Spring Insight Blog, My First Post

Having started a few blogs, my feelings when writing the first post are always the same. It is a dichotomy of emotions. At once, writing the first blog post feels so momentous. Since I hope/expect/want the blog to be around for years to come, the first blog is kicking something off that is lasting and meaningful. The first post sets the tone, sets the expectations, and is a cornerstone upon which we will build the blog.

On the other hand, a new blog has no audience. How can something be so important when it will be read by so few? Aside from my mom (hi Mom!), will this post ever actually be read? I don’t know, but just in case, let’s kick this off properly.

What is Spring Insight? I left my job as an e-commerce marketing specialist in December of last year to start a company focused on cause marketing. The original notion was to work with e-commerce companies to integrate cause marketing into their marketing programs. Since then, I have expanded my scope to web strategy for small businesses. However, whether I am working with a company on e-commerce marketing or web strategy, cause marketing remains an integral part of my organization’s mission.

Now the fundamental question is, how can I help you?