An appreciative Erika with her hands over her heart surrounded by Thanksgiving iconography

A Special Thank You From Erika

This month has provided us with a fantastic opportunity to stretch our thankfulness muscles. We started the month discussing various ways to express gratitude in business and continued with thoughts on how that thankfulness can be leveraged to generate business (callous, perhaps, but this is, after all, a business blog).

Now, it’s time to get specific with my personal thankfulness. When you are as lucky as I am, you have a lot of thanking to do.

Thank You to The Spring Insight Team

First, my biggest thank you goes to my Spring Insight team. This was a year of transition. I have had to say goodbye to some core members of our team, and I did so with difficulty.

But that change has given us new opportunities. Our new team members have brought knowledge and vitality that I hardly thought possible. So, here goes:

  • Thank you to Laura, our intrepid web project manager. Your grace and calm, even during very, very trying engagements, is a testament to the kind of person you are. I appreciate your positive energy every day, and you make it a pleasure to come to work (and that isn’t even addressing the exemplary work you do.) 
  • Thank you to Jamillah, our marketing project manager. Your youth belies the experience and expertise that you have brought to our team. You have a new resource for every issue, and it shocks me how big a difference you have made in the relatively short time you have been with us. 
  • Thank you to Chelsey, our SEO and content strategist. I have such appreciation for not just the work you do but how well you do at bringing us along with you. Without you, I would never have known the gaping chasm between what I thought I knew and what I actually did. 
  • Thank you to Penny, our virtual office manager. Your hard work and tenacious attitude started even before you had a job with us. I appreciate all the work you provide every day. So much of what you do happens behind the scenes and can go unnoticed. Know that I appreciate you.
  • Thank you to Igor, our tech lead. I could not have verbalized this before, but working with you, I have learned that a good tech lead is attentive, hard-working, responsive, and good at what he (or she) does. A great one is one with all those traits who can also explain his (or her) work in a way that everyone understands. You are a great tech lead. 

Thank You to The Spring Insight Clients

Our clients this year have challenged us and helped us grow in ways we didn’t realize we needed. Whether learning about accessible web design for websites, dramatically improving our social media understanding, or improving our work flows, Spring Insight clients have trusted us with challenging projects and have created immense growth in our capabilities. 

Recently, another entrepreneur complained to me about how bored she was with her businesses. So I thought about those comments in the context of my business. I realized that while I am sometimes frustrated or annoyed by the work I do, I am never bored. I reflected on why that might be and realized it was because the work my clients do is so varied and interesting. They bring us new and exciting challenges every engagement. I am so appreciative of the chance our clients get us to grow.

Thank You to Well… You

Our business isn’t just about our clients. This is the year when we got dedicated to consistency in our voice and ideas. It isn’t just showing up on social media or writing a blog; it is creating regular informative and actionable content. You have responded to that change by engaging with us in ways I had never expected. I am amazed by my relationships on social media and in the community with those who consume our content. Your feedback has fed my soul.

So, now that you know more about our team and clients are you ready to work with us as we create things to be thankful for next year? Let’s schedule a time to talk.