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Spring Insight Might Not Be the Right Web Strategy Company for You. That’s Okay.

Yesterday I spoke with a woman starting a new business. Her enthusiasm was infectious, I loved our conversation and can’t wait to see what she makes out of her new company. However, the conversation started with me telling her that I wasn’t going to be a good fit for her digital needs. (It started that way instead of finishing since I proceeded to spend some time with her advising her on what type of firm might be the right fit and how she could find them.) 

You might be surprised to find out that for every incoming lead that we try to convert, we tell four or five that we wouldn’t be right fit for their present needs. Why is that? Why would a web strategy firm that is currently looking for new business (BTW, need a website?) turn away potential customers? Well, a few reasons.

1. We specialize in a particular kind of client who needs a particular kind of website.

While we don’t work with only one industry, the sites we build have a commonality. They are all built for clients who are subject matter experts in their field. They offer a specialized service that takes some nuance and thought.

The sites we build are typically for clients in industries with longer sales cycles in which the purpose of the site isn’t to close a sale, but to provide more information and convert a visitor into a lead.  

2. We tend to work with more established companies.

We don’t have a hard-and-fast rule to never work with new companies, but we typically don’t. It isn’t because we are against new businesses, instead it is because most new businesses just aren’t ready–either financially or strategically–for the kind of website we are going to build. I am very grateful that we lived in our house for five years before we renovated the kitchen. If we hadn’t, I wouldn’t have known just how important it was for the trash can to be accessible when standing at the sink. 

3. We want to work with clients who will like us (and who we will like) when the site is launched.

Building a website is an arduous task. I would argue that if you work with the right firm (us!) it shouldn’t be painful, but it is a long process and it isn’t always fun. So, we are committed to working with people who will work collaboratively with us.  People who will give us the same respect we give them. People who will value the experience we bring. People who have a great sense of humor and will be enjoyable to work with. People who have purple hair. Ok, that last one isn’t required, you can’t blame me for trying. 

4. We aren’t cheap.

It isn’t that we are super expensive when compared to other firms, but we aren’t cheap compared to freelancers who are just starting out or your best friend’s nephew. We bring a lot of expertise to what we do. We spend a lot of time getting to know you so we can create just the right website. We sweat the details. All of this takes time. Time equals money. So, we aren’t cheap. 

5. We are deadline driven but not fast.

If you didn’t guess this already, we aren’t a company that works super quickly. I have run across a few firms over the years that offer website-in-a-day services. I love this business model for a lot of clients. You are just opening up your business as a solo entrepreneur life coach? You have your professional photography and site content ready to go? A website-in-a-day service is a great option. But, it isn’t what we do. 

We love to get to know a company. We build sites that are custom-designed for the specific needs and personality of our clients. Our process includes creating functional and visual design so we can make sure the website does both well. When we finish the site, our goal is for our client to know it was built just for them. We build great websites. We’ll get them finished by the deadline, but we don’t build them fast.

What do you think? Are we the right web strategy company for you? Let’s set up a time to review your current website and talk about how we can improve upon it.