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What We Believe

Have you watched the Simon Sinek Ted Talk about Starting with Why? It is a favorite of mine. I watch it every few years, particularly when I am feeling in a rut about Spring Insight messaging. This is one of these messages that you need to be reminded of. As I was watching it the most recent time, I realized, I don’t think I have ever put our why “out there.” So, why do we do the things we do? Let me tell you.   

We believe that strategy trumps design 

The day I decided to start Spring Insight was the day that a friend showed me a website that an agency had designed for her professional services business. At the time, I was responsible for web strategy and development for my corporation’s consumer-facing product. So, I was paid to be an expert on websites. 

My friend showed me her new website with so much pride and joy that her eyes were sparkling. All I could see was a site that was designed to fail at what she needed done. The site was lovely. It used a pleasing color palette. The design was attractive. It displayed her logo nicely. But, it didn’t invite the user in. It didn’t start the user journey, there was no compelling reason to leave the homepage. No thought had been given to calls to action or conversion. This was a website that was designed with form over function, appearance over strategy. 

My friend deserved better. Yes, she deserved a visually attractive website, but she deserved a visually attractive website that was created with the strategic needs of her organization in mind. Spring Insight was started because professional services firms deserve attractive and strategic websites. 

We believe that there is no such thing as a completed website

So often small businesses think of a website as a box to check. “Website is done, let’s move on to the next item on our to do list.” Don’t get me wrong, there is something pretty awesome about launching a website. But, it’s like building a home. Even when the building is finished you’re not done working on it. 

A properly designed and strategic website becomes a part of your overall marketing plan. It grows and shifts to meet the ongoing needs of your organization. From blog posts, to new content, to image and homepage content, a successful website is a living, breathing organism that requires regular love and upkeep. Spring Insight was started because professional services firms need websites that are up-to-date with compelling, SEO-friendly content.  

We believe that marketing and web strategy are fun

Often, when I meet a small business owner and we discuss what we do, I will see a bit of a wince. A few times someone I was conversing with even clutched their abdomen and groaned a bit. Somehow, there is a perception out there that website creation and marketing are almost painful. It really doesn’t have to be. With thoughtful leadership, careful guidance, and just a bit of a sense of the ridiculous, this process can be productive and fun. Spring Insight was started because small business owners should enjoy marketing and website strategy!

We believe that experts deserve experts

Neither website creation nor marketing are brain surgery. You don’t need any special credentials to set up a shop. No one provides “website licenses.” 

It is sort of funny when you think about it. I don’t need a license to sell you a $9,500 website, but I do if I want to charge you $75 to cut your hair. The thing about having an industry with no legal barriers to entry is that literally anyone can sell their ability to provide a service. Who can build your website? Well, you can hire a professional with decades of experience, or you can hire your nephew who recently learned to code at summer camp. At Spring Insight, we believe that experts deserve experts. Competence is not expertise and just knowing how to do something isn’t enough. Spring Insight was started because small businesses deserve to work with an expert who hires other experts. 

What do you think? Does this sound like the kind of company you want to work with on your next marketing or website project? Great. Let’s set up a time to discuss.