After Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Giving Tuesday

To complete my month of posts on cause marketing (see posts on how to promote a cause marketing campaign on your website and via your social media presence) I had planned to write a post about what other businesses did this year during the big Black Friday and Cyber Monday messaging extravaganza. I am sad to say that I wasn’t able to find many great examples for either.

Fear not though, I did see a big change that I find interesting and that is the introduction this year of  “Giving Tuesday”.  If you are keeping track that means the current line up is Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday. The idea is to insert giving into the commerce explosion and to open the “season of giving.” The movement has a website, has gotten some nice press and has decent traction in social media.

I wasn’t able to find any corporate or business tie ins but if this takes hold as a yearly fixture (as I suspect it will) look next year to see this idea tied in with many campaigns next year.  perhaps time to think about yours?