Person smiling over video conference during covid-19 pandemic

Marketing During a Pandemic

What does marketing look like during a worldwide pandemic?

As the outsourced marketing team for a number of organizations, we have been giving a lot of thought about what marketing means during these bizarre and fraught times. For instance, we wouldn’t think twice during another time about sending a loud and proud email promoting a new product our SaaS client has just launched, but now… that is a tougher calculation. 

Here is what we are learning: 

Audiences are remarkably open to listening right now but only on certain topics. Not surprisingly, they are hyper attuned to anything about the COVID-19 crisis. Is there a way that the product or service you are offering can help people manage this situation? Lead with that. Want people to remember you? Figure out how you can help them get through this situation (see our Find What’s Your Lane post).

Second, while many small businesses are in a dire situation, others are able to use this as an opportunity to make long term strategic maneuvers. Have you noticed a huge uptick in learning platforms on Facebook and other social media platforms? I know I have. Can you position your organization as a long term play?