An essential grocery store worker smiling with a face mask on

Running a Business During the Coronavirus

Recently you’ve probably received coronavirus-related emails from everyone you ever did business with—from your car insurance company to the guy who fixed your furnace ten years ago.  The last thing you want is to send an email to your customers that gets added to that pile. On the other hand, they need to know if your business is open, how you are responding to the current crisis, and if anything has changed in the way you operate.

Here at Spring Insight, we suggest a coronavirus alert bar on your homepage, giving them quick and easy access to this information as soon as they visit your website.  The top of the homepage is an eye-catching location and the first place a visitor will look for “breaking news.” Clicking on the alert can take visitors to a new page where you explain how your business might be operating differently during this time or if you can offer particular services and expertise to your customers.

One of the positive aspects of this crisis is how people feel driven to help each other.  As citizens of the world, we are all in this together. It’s certainly appropriate to express a sense of empathy and caring to your website visitors and perhaps even an offer to help in whatever way you can.

Spring Insight’s coronavirus response page explains that we are completely open for business and offers a free marketing consultation to companies that are adversely affected by today’s difficult economic climate.  There is still a lot of uncertainty, but we can still lend each other a helping hand.