The Fundamentals of Your Small Business’s Home Page

PortfolioAh, the home page. No page on your website gets the kind of attention and focus as this one. Is that a good thing? Not necessarily. This month, we continue 2013, our year of Fundamentals by exploring the strategy of the home page.

When I try and come up with an analogy for the home page, my initial thought is the front door of your house. It is the place people see first and they use it to access everything inside.This admittedly is an imperfect analogy because typically when someone comes to your front door, they aren’t deciding if they want to interact with you based on what they see there. That is absolutely the case with a home page. If I am turned off, I will leave.

This month… all month… posts (with examples) of how companies are getting the homepage write and wrong. ¬†Later this week… the five most common mistakes I see companies make on their website.