3 reasons why you should create blog content

Think You Don’t Need to Write Blogs? Here are 3 Reasons to Think Again

As someone that writes more blogs than your average bear (for Spring Insight, for our clients, just for fun on a Saturday evening), I think deeply about the true value of blogging. Why write blogs? After all, there is nothing mission critical about creating and executing on a content strategy. 

There are so many things that professional service businesses HAVE to do to continue operation…reconciling their books, providing promised client deliverables on time, ensuring accurate payroll…but whether or not blogs get published? Not a nonnegotiable, right? 

The more I tossed the question around in my mind, the more answers I came up with. Indeed, there isn’t one reason to write a blog, there are a bunch

So, we return to the question, why expend the time and effort (and often money) to create blog content? Here are three business growth reasons.

Blogs Prove Value to Potential Clients

The most obvious reason businesses should write blogs is that they illustrate the value your business provides to potential clients. Blogs are a sales tool. 

Blogs give you (and your business) the opportunity to show potential clients how competent, credible, and brilliant you are in your area of expertise, industry, or service category. This, in turn, shows them that you are the one they need to hire. 

You can send blogs directly to potential clients, post them to social media, publish them to your site…anywhere you have a platform where people might be listening…you share your blog, they find it valuable, and they may want to work with you.

You know what I love to do? Answer a question that a prospective client (or reply to a sales objection) by writing a blog and sending it to them. Not only does that give them the answer to their question or objection, but it shows them how we might use blogs to sell their products in a very direct way. 

Blogs Share Subject Matter Expertise with Existing Clients and Strategic Partners

Your potential clients are not the only pool of people who can benefit from your blogs. Your existing clients (and strategic partners!) need regular nurturing from you, too. Blogs are the perfect format to provide value and show them they matter.

If there is something happening in the world or in the industry that is relevant to them, share it in a blog. Make them aware of changes, give recommendations, or share tips that make their lives easier or that help them reach their business goals.

Your blogs add value to your existing relationships, including clients and strategic partners, while signaling your subject matter expertise, too. Win-win! 

Blogs Feed Search Engines

Service-based business owners should write blogs because fractional CFOs in Bethesda, family law offices in DC, and accountants for nonprofits need their website for financial services or a law practice in Maryland to rank on search engines. (Did you see what I did there? 😉) 

Yes, of course, there are keywords that you want to become known as an expert for and you want those keywords to help increase your online visibility to drive people to your site. However, cramming as many keywords as you can into your blogs leads to robotic-sounding writing and is a real turn off for people who want (and deserve!) valuable content from you. 

If you want people to read what you write, be yourself! You are an expert in your field. You are naturally going to include things in your blog that the search engines are going to be happy about. This will help you rank higher on search results and, just as importantly, make people want to consume the content you publish.

So fire up that laptop, think about what people need to know from you, and get writing! And if all of those absolutely mission critical responsibilities leave you with no time to write, we get it! Let the copywriting experts at Spring Insight take care of it for you. Contact us here to chat about how we can help you with your business growth with strategic content, blogs included.