Three words to describe Spring Insight in 2012

ResolutionsSo since it is the beginning of January, it must be time for new year’s resolutions. I must admit that I have never been too much of a fan (or a completer) or resolutions, but I like the idea.  In the corporate world, you absolutely set yearly goals so why wouldn’t you set personal goals, or in the case of Spring Insight small business goals?

So, I am going to follow in the enormous footsteps of two of my personal heroes… Chris Brogan, internationally renowned social media expert and Melanie Spring, local social media expert and founder of Sisarina (who I worked with on this website and who I kind of cyber stalk in a non scary way via Twitter).  Instead of resolutions, I have chosen three words that describe who I want to be in the next year.


To me this means two things.  First it means that I am present in the moment where I am.  When I am at work, I am present there doing what I had planned to do, I am not slipping into a Facebook or Wikipedia rabbit hole.  Likewise if I am with my daughters, I am not sucked into staring at my iPhone.


Be cognizant of my actions and do them purposefully. To me this means that when decisions are made they are made through actual decisions and not indecision.  This includes business decisions as well as taking care of my primary business asset… me (through nutrition and exercise).


I started this business because I think I know a lot about what I do.  To get this business I need to prove that by posting interesting and relevant content for potential customers to read.  Additionally, it is ridiculous to think that I know enough.  So, this year will be a year of both sharing knowledge and obtaining more.

Present, Thoughtful, Knowledgeable… those are the three words for Spring Insight and for me in 2012.  I think it will be an amazing year and I am ready to take it on!